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Department of Forests & Wildlife Preservation, Punjab


1. Declaration of Wild Animals/Articles/trophies etc. of Schedule I or Part II of Schedule II of Wildlife (Protection) Act.

Further the Central Govt. with an aim to provide opportunity for declaring the wild animals/Articles/Trophies etc in possession of any person who could not declare the same previously, issued a notification on 18th April 2003 to make such declaration to the Chief Wild Life Warden of the state within 180 days of the date of issue of the notification. This period of declaration has lapsed on17th October, 2003. Therefore all the wild animals/Articles/Trophies which were not declared within the prescribed period under the Act have become illegal and unauthorized.

2. Declaration of Animals/Articles/Trophies etc of Part I of Schedule II, III & IV

For the purpose of making declaration of Animals/Articles/ Trophies etc. of Part I of Schedule II, Schedule III & Schedule IV, the state Government issued a notification No. GSR 4/CA. 53/72/S-64/2005 dated 7th Feb. 2005 requesting the persons having possession of Animals/Articles/ trophies etc. of Part I of Schedule II, III & IV to declare to the Chief Wild Life Warden or to authorized Officers within 6th months of issue of the notification. All the Division Forest Officers (Territorial) of the State were declared as authorized officers to issue the ownership certificates in this regard.
The time limit for such declaration has also lapsed on 6th August, 2005.

N.B. The Government of India’s notification dated 18.4.2003 regarding Declaration of Wildlife Stock Rules, 2003 alongwith the Application Form

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