The Department of Forests & Wildlife Preservation, Punjab solicits co-operation from every citizen to contribute to the sustenance of perennial vegetation on the earth so as to check environmental degradation and protect other natural resources. This can be achieved with protection of forest areas, plantation of forest tree species on all available lands, conservation of existing trees and stopping the clear- felling of tree vegetation in private areas i.e. by raising and growing more number of trees than the number of trees to be felled.  The Department also appeals to the citizens not to encroach upon the forest areas, prey/hunt the animals & birds in the wild, purchase or trade in the Wildlife articles and infringe upon the wildlife protected areas because we must understand that forest and wildlife species are natural resources that we can’t recreate once they become extinct. The Department specially calls upon the NGOs, religious committees, private clubs and agencies to actively participate in the Department’s movement to make the Punjab Green.