Punjab State was reorganized in the year 1966 and was left with only 1875 Sq. Km of recorded forest area in that year which has now increased to 3058 Sq. Km. i.e. about 6.1% of the State’s Geographical area. Since the State has 84% of its Geographical area under agriculture with intense competition among different land-uses, there is limited scope to increase the area under forests except for bringing the available vacant wastelands/degraded lands under Tree Cover by application of Agroforestry and Social Forestry in the Farmlands and Institutional lands.

Throughout these years i.e. after the reorganization of the State, the Department along with the mainstream activity of Forest Development & Wildlife Conservation has also undertaken the activities of Forestry Research, Soil Conservation, Joint Forest Management and Eco-tourism with the induction of various Acts, Policies, declarations and opportunities in the State with the basic aim to reverse environmental degradation, conserve bio-diversity and create citizen friendly work profile.